How to bleach skin of elbows

How to bleach skin of elbows

The reason of keratinization and darkening of skin on elbows is in lack of necessary number of the sebaceous glands protecting skin from intensive influence of such external factors as sunshine, wind and temperature differences. But it is the solved problem.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins A and E;
  • - the looking after means for dry skin;
  • - olive or sunflower oil;
  • - grapefruit or lemon;
  • - sauerkraut;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - bearberry extract;
  • - cucumber juice.


1. If the person has strong immunity, and condition of its organism normal, such phenomena as darkening of elbows, should not be. Therefore doctors recommend to watch the state of health, dream, to eat, walk properly in the fresh air and to play sports.

2. That the condition of elbows was satisfactory, rather regularly to grease them special creams. If desired to return to cages resistance to influence of the external environment, it is necessary to accept vitamins A and E.

3. Elbows, as well as all body, requires care. The skin on elbows should be cleaned, fed and moistened. It is better not to use soap as it is possible to overdry sites of skin on elbows. It is desirable to apply for this purpose the special soft skins intended for dry sensitive skin, for example, gel for washing. To find special means for elbows sometimes it is problematic therefore the specialized means intended for face skin will approach.

4. Having purified skin by means of gel, remove the keratosic parts, using body scrub or for the person, this process promotes acceleration of growth of new cages and improvement of appearance of skin. You carry out such procedure once a week, it is not necessary to be fond, otherwise it is possible to strengthen peeling. In conclusion it is necessary to apply the special cream intended for use in these areas of body to skin of elbows.

5. For mitigation and bleaching of skin on elbows it is desirable to do once a week baths of the warmed-up olive or sunflower oil. You keep elbows in bath about 15 minutes. It is possible to cut grapefruit or lemon, to mash pulp and to place elbows in fruit halves. 15 minutes are enough to make skin of elbows is lighter, more gentle and softer.

6. The compress prepared from such products as sauerkraut, lemon juice, bearberry extract will help to bleach the darkened skin on elbows. Classical means for skin bleaching – cucumber juice, it it is also possible to use for this purpose.

7. Sometimes the allergy is shown in the form of dark stains on elbows, it is necessary to treat the main disease then to take usual skin care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team