How to bleach skin on body

How to bleach skin on body

On body skin often there are dark stains of various size and form. It can sometimes be interesting "highlight", and sometimes and serious esthetic defect. Cosmetics and national recipes will help to get rid of such hyperpegmentation.

It is required to you

  • - lemon juice;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - liquid ammonia;
  • - onions.


1. Before starting the procedure of bleaching, it is recommended to see doctor and to find out the reason emergence of such pigmentation. The fact is that pigmental spots appear not only because of excessive stay in the sun, reception of hormonal means, but also at various pathologies of internals.

2. Radical methods of treatment of pigmental spots are such saloon procedures as deep laser grinding of skin, removal by liquid nitrogen and dermabraziya. However it is extreme case, it is better to begin removal of pigmental spots with use of cosmetics and recipes of traditional medicine.

3. The procedure of bleaching by means of cosmetics takes place in two stages. At first it is necessary to remove the keratosic pigmented skin layers, and then to influence skin melanocytes for oppression of development of pigment by them. More often for peeling use alpha hydroxyacids to which number of fruit acids belongs (lactic acid and others). For suppression of activity of melanocytes use the medicines containing small percent of hydrochinone. However it possesses toxic action, its frequent application is not recommended.

4. to bleach pigmental spots, using recipes of traditional medicine. Grease pigmental spots with juice of lemon or parsley. They contain acids which bleach skin. Make appliques of onions gruel with addition of 6% of vinegar. After that apply on spot sour cream on quarter of hour and carefully rinse.

5. Appliques by berries of raspberry, wild strawberry and strawberry give the magnificent bleaching effect.

6. Processing of the pigmented sites of skin of 3% hydrogen peroxide gives the positive bleaching effect. You can make applique for half an hour gruel of soap shaving from 3% peroxide of hydrogen and several drops of sal ammoniac. After removal of such mask use fat cream.

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