How to bleach spots from pimples

How to bleach spots from pimples

Quite often rashes on skin leave behind red traces which give to the face uneven color and considerably spoil appearance. However several recovery procedures will help to bleach spots from pimples and to improve condition of skin. These are the anti-inflammatory, resorptional and bleaching masks, paraffinotherapy, vitamin therapy and treatment by solar bathtubs.


1. Not to be engaged every time in recovery of skin from pimples, take the measures preventing their repeated emergence. For this purpose carry out internal clarification of organism, especially digestive tract and liver. And by means of steam baths and regular visit of bath exempt skin from the collected toxins and slags.

2. Correct the food allowance. Exclude the products promoting formation of pimples. And also provide the organism with vitamins and minerals which deficiency often does skin susceptible to irritations and inclined to rashes. And along with these measures perform procedures for bleaching of red spots from pimples.

3. Use for elimination of red spots from pimples paraffinotherapy. Hot paraffin well warms up deep skin layers, improves its food due to strengthening of blood circulation and promotes resorption of pimples. For achievement of positive result make not less than 20 procedures.

4. Surely acquire tan. Ultraviolet also improves skin blood supply, has on it bactericidal effect and promotes fast elimination of traces from pimples due to renewal of cells of the upper layer of the skin – epidermis.

5. From pimples apply the bleaching masks to elimination of spots. But you apply them not on all surface of skin but only on traces from pimples. For preparation of such mask mix 10-15 g of beer yeast with 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen (at oily skin) or milk (at dry skin) to consistence of dense sour cream. Moisten Q-tip in the received weight and smear with fat layer traces from pimples. Leave for 20 minutes then wash away the cotton pad moistened in warm water.

6. Also for bleaching of traces from pimples use acid milk, kefir, sour cream, juice of parsley, lemon in combination with yeast and peroxide of hydrogen or independently. You apply any means possessing the bleaching action pointwise – on traces from pimples.

7. For resorption of pimples and elimination of red traces after them grease them with fresh juice of aloe after evening and morning washing.

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