How to bleach spots on skin

How to bleach spots on skin

Emergence of pigmental spots for most of women is trouble. Especially when pigmentation affects face skin. It is difficult to hide large and dark stains even tone means therefore the question of their removal at women is particularly acute very much.

It is required to you

  • - baking yeast;
  • - sauerkraut juice;
  • - cucumbers and lemon.


1. Begin with the correct skin care. Choose only the cosmetics suitable you, in time you treat the diseases and immediately begin to accept vitamin C.

2. Use bleaching creams only after consultation with the dermatologist. Before their application check reaction of cream on elbow inside. The majority of the bleaching means contain toxic substances therefore they cannot be used at pregnancy, feeding by breast, diseases of liver and kidneys. Use fat bleaching creams. Apply them not longer than 2 weeks, at this time instead of water purify skin with tonic and lotion that toxins got into organism less.

3. From house means for removal of pigmental spots use cucumber and lemon lotions and masks from fermented milk products. Wipe spots with pieces of fresh citruses and acid berries.

4. Prepare mask, having diluted baking yeast with water to smetanoobrazny state, and you hold it on face of 15 minutes.

5. The good clarifying means is sauerkraut juice. Wet it fabric napkin and apply it on the person for 15 minutes. Do the bleaching masks in the evening that then it was not necessary to come to sunlight.

6. Use services of the cosmetologist. For removal of pigmentation there is procedure of chemical peeling which is offered by beauty shops. At the same time glycolic and fruit acids which delete the upper layer of the skin with pigmentation are used. From saloon procedures for removal of pigmentation also ultrasonic and laser peeling and also phototherapy are carried out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team