How to bleach teeth iodine

How to bleach teeth iodine

In house conditions it is possible to distinguish two main factors from the most common causes of implementation of bleaching of teeth – the high cost of dental services and fear of visit of the dentist. National methods of bleaching differ in simplicity and availability. Even usual iodine can present beautiful smile.

Bleaching of teeth in house conditions is carried out by means of special mixes, medicines and even food. Usual medical iodine can make almost instantly teeth snow-white, however you should not use the procedure such method too often. It is better to carry out not more often than once a month.

The simplest procedure of bleaching of teeth iodine is drawing drop of solution on brush with toothpaste. After cleaning of companies it is necessary to rinse carefully warm water. At first on teeth the yellowish shade which pretty fast will disappear will be noticeable.

It is possible to hold solution of iodine on teeth no more than five minutes. Otherwise you can do much harm enamels.

The second way of bleaching – putting iodine on enamel of teeth by means of the Q-tip moistened in water. In this case it is necessary just to dip stick into warm water, and then into iodine solution. Means should be put quickly, but accurate movements, processing not only the surfaces of teeth, but also cracks between them. If to process teeth it is only superficial, then there will be contrast of which to get rid will be difficult. Applying any way of bleaching of teeth iodine, it is necessary to remember that this procedure on the one hand effective, and with another - rather harmful to enamel. Do not forget that teeth only externally seem strong. Actually it is very easy to injure them. The slightest cracks, for example, at untimely treatment can turn into serious diseases. At emergence of suspicions on any deviations of health of teeth it is necessary to address the stomatologist immediately.

Any way of bleaching of teeth in house conditions should be carried out with care. Extremely it is not recommended to use iodine if you have at least the slightest diseases of teeth or oral cavity. Inflammation of gums, caries, periodontosis - all these and many other diseases are contraindications to house bleaching. You should not experiment in this case.

Intolerance of iodine - very widespread disease. In the presence of such diagnosis bleaching of teeth iodine contraindicated.

Besides, if your teeth differ in hypersensibility, then iodine it is also worth refusing bleaching. In this case it is better to address for consultation the expert. Such deviations as exposure of cervical parts of teeth or increase in the pulpal camera, only the dentist can define, and iodine to bleach such teeth harmfully. Restriction to bleaching use with iodine can arise also in the presence of numerous seals, crowns or dentures. After the procedure of bleaching there can be sharp contrast of shades of teeth. And replacement of seals and artificial limbs will be the only way to correct such effect.

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