How to bleach teeth lemon

How to bleach teeth lemon

Health and color of tooth enamel are affected by set of factors – food quality, consumption of such hot drinks as tea and coffee, addictions and genetic features of organism. Sooner or later many think of bleaching the teeth. But sometimes on campaign to the stomatologist there is no free time or money. In this case it is possible to try to carry out bleaching of tooth enamel in house conditions. One of the most widespread folk remedies of bleaching is the lemon. Either juice, or dried peel of this citrus is usually used.


1. To bleach teeth lemon crust, it is necessary to rub them and gums with the internal (white) party piece of lemon peel within several minutes, and then to rinse mouth water.

2. It is possible also just to chew lemon crust some time to bleach enamel in hard-to-reach spots. Such way will not suit people with hypersensibility of teeth as can cause pain.

3. It is possible to bleach teeth by means of lemon juice in several ways. Some advise to add several drops directly to toothpaste at each toothbrushing. Such means not only will give the bleaching effect, but also will cure bleeding of gums. Others recommend to rinse mouth the lemon juice which is slightly diluted with water within several minutes.

4. In house conditions it is possible to prepare also the bleaching toothpaste. For this purpose mix usual paste which you use every day, istolchenny activated carbon who will act as abrasive, and lemon juice. You should not abuse this means as there is risk of damage of enamel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team