How to bleach teeth without stomatologist

How to bleach teeth without stomatologist

generation brings with itself new standards of beauty and health. Snow-white teeth became obligatory component of successful image of the modern person. But the campaign to the dentist pleases not everyone. The way out is simple – to bleach teeth without stomatologist.

It is required to you

  • - baking soda;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon;
  • - strawberry;
  • - the bleaching kappa;
  • - the bleaching strips.


  1. Regularly use the bleaching toothpaste. But it is necessary to consider that bleaching in this case is reached exclusively mechanically at the expense of the abrasives which are contained there. Such way is good for maintenance of already available whiteness of teeth, and here the yellow raid in such a way completely will not manage to be removed.
  2. Use the bleaching kappa. Such adaptation can be bought in drugstore, but it is better to order individual in clinic. The fact is that the standard kappa will not be able precisely to repeat relief of your teeth. And the bleaching gel, having got on your gums, will cause chemical ozheg. Use kappa with the bleaching gel for month or two. You wear its several watch a day and put on on all night long. At this method of bleaching it is very important to have sense of proportion, otherwise it is possible to spoil enamel of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is part of gel.
  3. Bleach teeth by means of special strips of White strips. They it is much simpler in application, than kappa with gel. And the effect of bleaching is visible much earlier. Take strip and impose it on foreteeth. Wait about half an hour. It is important that at first, within 2 weeks upper teeth, then, for the same term – lower are bleached. Strips for upper and lower jaw differ. During carrying White strips it is forbidden to drink, eat, sleep and smoke. Minus this method – strips are calculated only ddlya foreteeth from canine to canine.
  4. Take ordinary baking soda. Practically all bleaching pastes are created on its basis. Mix it with hydrogen peroxide in proportion 2:2. It is fashionable to add a little toothpaste. It needs to be made for improvement of taste of mix. Apply structure on toothbrush and you brush teeth 2-3 minutes. Then rinse mouth water. It is desirable boiled. Peroxide of hydrogen can be replaced with lemon juice.
  5. Take in the flying fresh strawberry which is natural bleach, crush berry spoon in gruel. Mix about ½ spoons of soda and apply this mix on teeth. Wait five minutes and rinse mouth. Then very carefully clean teeth. It needs to be made since strawberry contains large amount of glucose and the acids harmful to enamel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team