How to braid braid

How to braid braid

If you never tried to braid braids, then at first you need to learn to braid the simplest braid because this reception is basis for many other hairstyles. The simple braid in itself represents remarkable hairstyle - accurate, convenient, stylish and easy performed by. Hairstyle in the form of braid are the weaved hair among themselves in length.


  1. For a start comb hair and collect them behind in one big tail. Fix it by means of the fitted elastic band.
  2. Divide the turned-out tail into three identical parts. You hold the left lock in the left hand, right - in right. At the same time, the average lock has to remain free.
  3. Weaving of braid: Transfer the left lock over free average lock to the right. Now the left lock has to become Novaya Gazeta average lock, respectively average - Novaya Gazeta left. Release average new lock and take new left lock in the left hand. Repeat also stages with lock which is at you in the right hand.
  4. Continue to bind alternately left and right spin with average lock. Then fix the end of braid by the fitted elastic band.
  5. And at the beginning of braid you can tie bows from satin ribbon which will close elastic bands in the end.
  6. Country you kosazacheshit brush hair from forehead back. Then separate hair parting triangle, divide into three identical locks. Release middle part, bind usually twice. And to lock which lies from above, add in turn at the left, on the right on lock of external hair, at the same time, separating them thumb. Now, when all side locks of hair are twisted, below connect braid, if desired turn in. Fashionable option: you take the covering hair, you divide them into locks, strongly comb from below, it will give to upper part of hair good volume. On the end fix braid if desired by bow or hairpin. The short and wide country braid will look good too. Braid expressly poorly. Sprain braid on half of length inside and pin up. Around release thin locks.
  7. The simple French braid is one of options of the French poorly braided braid, they differ only in the first and final in stages. French poorly I zapletennoit braid beginners can quite easily execute for this reason at first be trained on zapletaniye of this braid, and then you can start more difficult hairstyles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team