How to braid braid fish tail

How to braid braid fish tail

The hairstyle fish tail was called so because upon termination of weaving of hair the spit reminds tail part of sea inhabitants. Especially successfully such hairstyle looks on straight long shiny hairs. The fish tail is capable to emphasize favourably highlighting if it is present at hair.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, tonic for hair dressing, elastic, at will hair accessories.


  1. Hair for creation of hairstyle fish tail have to be clean. Comb them carefully, humidify with hair toner. So curls will easier keep within, will not begin to be electrified. If there is no tonic, scatter on locks ordinary water from spray.
  2. Divide all hair into equal two parts. At the first part of hair with edge separate thin lock and put it in the middle. Make the same with extreme lock from the second part of hair.
  3. Thus create weaving further, every time taking thin lock of hair on the one hand and putting it inside, with another. The general view of hairstyle in the end result will vary depending on that how thin locks you will take and put in the middle of braid.
  4. Try the first time to take locks as it is possible more thinly. With them the special refined hairstyle turns out. But what size you would not decide to take locks, all of them have to be afterwards identical that the braid looked equal.
  5. Fix in the end of weaving hair when all external locks are enclosed inside, elastic band, clip. If you want to carry classical type of fish tail, then slightly will dishevel braid, having made it visually more dense.
  6. fish tail you can vary hairstyle. For example, to braid sideways, or since bang, from nape, from temple. It is possible to braid two fish tail and to put braids on each side. Other type of hairstyle – twisting of already braided braid. Decorate hairstyle with hairpins, crests, clips, tapes, rhinestones, hairpins with beads or precious stones in the basis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team