How to braid braids from curly hair

How to braid braids from curly hair

Fashionable braids on curly hair create effect of negligence. However during weaving the separate locks can be fluffy or puff up too strongly. During creation of hairstyles use means for laying to make curls elastic and resistant.

It is required to you

  • Hair, hairpins, invisible beings, means for laying, ornament for hair.


  1. For curly hair the most popular type of weaving: in the Greek style. Hairstyles of the Greek goddesses are always relevant. Especially the well-known Hollywood stars like to appear with them. So, the Greek braid is braid around the head. It can frame forehead and is playful be behind hair. And can go down from the top to the middle of back. Braid the Greek braid only on long curly hair. In the beginning wash up hair, apply on them mousse and dry up phenom.
  2. Now take lock over the right ear and divide it into three equal parts. Begin to spin the French braid towards the left ear. The essence of the French braid consists in the return weaving. In the beginning braid simple braid - bind the right lock with average, then bind the left lock with average lock. Further you hold all locks with fingers, and on the right side from free hair allocate lock and connect it to the right lock. Now bind the filled-up right lock with average. Again grasp all locks fingers, and on the left side allocate lock from free hair and connect it to the left lock. Bind the filled-up left lock with average lock. Thus, you dopletit braid to the left ear.
  3. Record the turned-out braid behind the left ear that it has not broken up. Hide tip of braid under hair. Behind you will have free hair: beautifully twist them and lay waves. On the basis of such braid it is possible to do hair under the name "Falls". It is great option for curly hair. Begin weaving from the right ear and move to left through nape. When the upper lock of braid appears above, throw it. This beginning of falls. Now from free hair from below take new lock and replace with it that which you have released. That is bind this lock with average. The upper lock will appear on the top again: release it. And again replace with new lock from below. Continue weaving you will not reach the left ear yet. On this place place beautiful bow or flower to decorate hairstyle.
  4. Traditional weaving "Cone" also will be suitable for curly hair. Divide hair on the top into three locks and begin weaving of traditional braid. Through couple of links take podpryad on the right side and bind it with average lock. Then take podpryad on the left side and bind it with average lock. You watch that podpryada were identical on thickness. So, the braid will turn out equal and beautiful. If you have braided "Cone" too hardly, and want to make it volume: extend several links on identical distance. As the braid is carried out on curly hair, it will attractively look.
  5. Using technology of weaving "Cone", braid two symmetric braids from the left and right side. At the end record tips elastic bands. The same braids at the basis of neck can be connected in one and to continue weaving. The braid which falls down can be lifted, twirled in cone and to fix on the head at any available height. It is possible to finish braid with magnificent tail. In a word, hairstyles on the basis of braid there is big set.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team