How to braid braids from long hair

How to braid braids from long hair

Long hair never get out of fashion and always fix delighted looks, especially if they are well-groomed and laid in beautiful hairstyle. Probably, there is no any girl or woman who was not able to braid the simplest braid. But this way of weaving is not really popular today. How to braid braid from long hair to look always stylish and modern?

It is required to you

  • - hairpins;
  • - the fitted elastic band;
  • - hairpins for hair;
  • - hairbrush.


  1. The French braids Carefully comb all hair by means of hairbrush back. Allocate lock on the middle of parietal zone and divide it into three equal parts. Begin to do usual plait. For this purpose impose at first the right, and then left lock on average. Before binding braid the second time, it is necessary to take small part of the free hair located on the right. Impose the increased right lock on average. Do the same operation on the left side. The more the size of the taken lock, the larger will turn out weaving of braid. Continue to act by analogy, braiding braid to neck level. When there is no free hair left, braid remained to the ordinary spit. Fix hairstyle by elastic band or hairpin.
  2. Kosy-zhgutyrascheshite hair also make "tail", having recorded it elastic band on nape. Divide "tail" into three equal parts. Twist the right lock in plait, twisting it counterclockwise, and record. Make plaits of average and left locks, working by analogy. Impose extreme left lock on average and right. Take the hair which have appeared at the left and again impose them clockwise. Braid braid up to the end, working by analogy. Record the ends of hair elastic band or clip.
  3. Braid from four you pryadeyzacheshit hair on nape and divide them into four identical locks. Take extreme right part and impose it on next. Hold hair with hand. Impose following, the third on the right, lock on already braided. Get extreme left part to the right, under hair. Bind the lock which has remained at the left from penultimate on the right side, having imposed it from above. Working by analogy, braid braid to desirable length. Collect the hair of temporal and occipital zones which have not entered hairstyle and pin up them by means of hairpins. Record hairstyle elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team