How to braid cone

How to braid cone

Braids — immortal classics, the best decoration of the female head. It was relevant hundreds years ago, and remains fashionable today. Looking at fashionable glamourous persons not of disgusting exterior, many girls think of mastering art of weaving of cone on own head

How to braid cone

Cone — universal hairstyle for all occasions which can be braided also for daily campaign for work, and for exit "to the public". The cone will become fine addition of any image. This hairstyle will approach not only to owners of long and magnificent head of hear. There are types of cones which will perfectly look both on thin, and on short hair. To look elegantly and effectively it is not obligatory to go to salon. It is not difficult at all to learn to spin cone independently.

Knowing the main technicians of weaving, it is possible to experiment infinitely and on the basis of classical options to create new types of braids. Before trying to do difficult hair, it is necessary to try to braid independently classical cone several times.

That's great: to be able to turn in minutes uncombed hair into standard of femininity and beauty. Especially great volume cones with the extended locks look.

The openwork braid which is falling down from shoulder — what else it is necessary to win the hearts of knights, and to cause attacks of suffocating envy in acquaintances and girlfriends?

Only to master weaving of braid happens not easy.

How to braid cone: secrets

To facilitate process of construction of hairstyle, use the following secrets of experienced hairdressers:

  • From thin locks the accurate, graceful braid turns out.
  • Large locks use for creation of volume braids. To create the fashionable, negligent, slightly unplaited hair, take big locks, and try more rare to cross them.
  • In order to avoid appearance of "roosters", comb each separate lock and tighten.
  • To simplify weaving process, and hair were not scattered, slightly spray them with water, laying means (mousse, foam, gel) or moisten hands.
  • The hairstyle ideal will not turn out at once therefore before doing plait to itself, try to create hairstyle on other person or on dummy.
  • Small "roosters" it is easy to remove by means of hairbrush with small cloves.
  • For hairstyle "circular cone" get small comb and comb it hair at roots, so your laying will look more elegant.
  • Use accessories: various hairpins, rhinestones, rims, hairpins will make original even the most usual, classical cone.

Scheme of weaving

  • To comb hair back
  • Then to take in hand one wide lock on the top
  • That part of hair which is in hand now to divide into 3 separate locks
  • Further, we take the right part and we bring it from above on average
  • Then we take the left lock and we repeat the same
  • We do, thus, several links
  • At this stage it is already possible to begin to add new locks
  • For this purpose, we add small amount of hair from the corresponding half of the head to the right bunch
  • Then cross with the central lock again
  • The average bunch needs to be delayed to the right side, accurately holding all locks
  • Further, point at number 3, but already on the other hand repeats
  • Then we repeat point at number 5, but we delay already to the left
  • Further – to repeat in turn the previous points
  • The remained free hair can be braided to the ordinary spit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team