How to braid cone around the head

How to braid cone around the head

Braids are very convenient — if you have to move much, they do not allow hair to be disheveled. Such hairstyles as cone, are popular among dancers and gymnasts. Besides, impression is made that there is a lot of hair and that they are much longer and more dense, than actually. Having mastered the equipment and knowing how to braid cone around the head, herself can do this hair or girlfriends it is as frequent as it will want.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - hairpin or elastic band;
  • - several invisible beings;
  • - massage brush (for limp hair).


  1. Comb hair and divide them from the top to neck into two parts. Begin to spin cone from nape.
  2. On the left side from hair parting separate lock of hair. It has to be small, but such that it was possible to divide it into three parts. Begin to do usual plait towards ear. Leave free hair under braid.
  3. Having made one-two interlacings, separate one more lock from free hair and attach it to that which is below at present. Continue to spin, after each two rounds separating the following lock from free hair and taking away it to the spit.
  4. Spin cone around, constantly adding new locks. At the end tighten the hair which have remained free round scrunchy, hide under braid and pin up the invisible being.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team