How to braid fashionable braids

How to braid fashionable braids

Braid – it not only is fashionable, but also it is convenient. It is important to note that the braid, in difference from usual laying, can hold on much longer, practically all day. It goes all. The braid can correct shape of face, hide shortcomings, emphasize advantages. The main thing is to pick up suitable form of braid and it will become the most important ornament. Such hairstyle will be appropriate at work, the beach, appointment, disco and on walk. It will approach business, strict, romantic or even sports style.


  1. Apply skin or mousse as with their help will easier do plait on the clean combed hair, without confusing lock.
  2. Divide hair into three equal parts. You hold the left lock with the left hand, right - right, average has to hang down freely.
  3. Begin to spin serially: changing left and right spin with average.
  4. You are able to do simple plait? It is possible to try to braid the French braid. The same reception is used, but every time new locks are interwoven into lock. To the left lock hair at the left, to right, respectively, on the right are dragged in. So, all hair gradually get. The ends it is possible to twist also beautifully to lay, having recorded it is delicious.
  5. The braid can be decorated with ribbon, rhinestones, various hairpins and hairpins, but be not overzealous. In everything there has to be measure.
  6. Thickness of locks can be changed, thereby the braid will look every time in a new way. Freely braided braid seems much more thickly, than the riparian forest, it is very favorable to rather thin hair. To make braid less hard, it is required to tighten locks a little up and by means of hairbrush with the long thin handle to straighten them fan, or to extend locks hands, having pulled locks up. In this way it is possible to correct braid in case it has been braided initially unevenly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team