How to braid fashionable braids

How to braid fashionable braids

Braids are hairstyle which always remains in fashion. It helps you to reveal from the different parties, giving to image a little expression or on the contrary romanticism. Fashionable braids are universal and will approach any type of appearance.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - small scrunchies or threads;
  • - artificial fiber, kanekalon;
  • - jewelry.


  1. Carefully comb hair. They have to be slightly damp or dry and also absolutely equal and obedient that the hairstyle kept not one day. At emergence of difficulties use spray conditioner or the special, facilitating process, oil.
  2. Divide the surface of the head into several parts squares so that they were identical in size. In total at you no more than 6 sections have to turn out. At distribution of sectors on the head be extremely exact since if you make mistake, everything should be braided anew.
  3. Read accurately to braid braids. Do not pull hair when weaving since on gentle head skin the irritation can go, and braids will turn out uneven.
  4. On the course of process interweave into them locks from artificial material which on length has to exceed your hair. Do not forget to use jewelry, they define the main style of hairstyle. In order that it has turned out really fashionable, interweave the most unusual elements of decor: the painted seashells, threads for knitting of different shades, beads, bright tapes. Carefully choose jewelry, in advance combine them among themselves.
  5. Upon termination of weaving of the next braid reliably record its end small scrunchy or strong thread. Cut off the hairs which are given from braids to avoid roughnesses and to give accuracies. When all braids are braided, be convinced that they go evenly, under identical corner. If everything is all right, the hairstyle is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team