How to braid many braids

How to braid many braids

Braids are fashionable again. It is great way to look stylish, to diversify hairstyles, to save time and means on laying and also to look well-groomed. There are several ways how to braid many braids. Such hair can be done as in salon, and independently.


  1. Braid braids tails. For this purpose it is necessary to comb hair and to raise them upward. Make tail on the top and tie it elastic band or bow. Divide hair into several parts, depending on what number of braids you want to receive as a result. Make of each lock on the ordinary spit and fix their tips by elastic bands that hair maintained weaving. At you the original hairstyle will turn out. One of braids can be wound around elastic band on the top.
  2. Weave African braids. This hairstyle is very popular because of the singularity, opportunity not to think of laying for several weeks and also ability to change image of the person. During creation of African braids use technology of fast weaving, you should process about two hundred locks in several hours. Separate curl of any thickness from hair and divide it into three parts. In this equipment the most important – position of hands. Hold side locks little fingers, and central – big and index fingers. Palms at the same time look down, and little fingers are located closer to the head. Each braid is braided through bottom, and weaving is carried out thanks to turn of hands by palms up.
  3. Spin braids plaits. They are made not of three, and of two parts of hair. At the same time multi-colored strips can be interwoven into curls. Ready locks look as sausage. The only lack of such braids – fragility.
  4. Make dreadlocks. They can be from the hair, attached and twisted. Length of dreads and hairstyle at the same time can be any even if you have short hairstyle. The only minus of such braids on own hair that they cannot be untwined. Over time, when locks will grow, dreadlocks are accurately sheared. For vpleteniye it is used kanekalon – light and magnificent synthetic material of absolutely different shades. Such threads well melt to create accurate brush on the end of each African braid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team