How to braid two braids

How to braid two braids

This hairstyle is associated with school time though modern schoolgirls almost never carry it. Because of this association two braids sometimes braid to seem younger. It is difficult to create such masterpiece on the head without assistance, but it is worth trying.

It is required to you

  • Two elastic bands and two bows;
  • Brush or crest;
  • Flat hairbrush;
  • Mirror.


  1. Comb hair crest or brush. Divide into parting in the middle flat hairbrush. At once collect one half in elastic band and leave. Comb the second once again to give the direction.
  2. Get up in front of the mirror to control the actions. Divide half into three locks. Extreme carry out over average and under extreme on the right at the left. Now carry out the second (just it was average) also: over new average and under extreme at the left. So weave all braid, having left on the end small (7-15 cm) tail. Tie up it elastic band.
  3. Dismiss other half of hair, comb, give the direction and divide into three locks. Try to begin weaving of the second braid symmetrically the first. On the end similarly tie up elastic band.
  4. To weave braids ideally exactly and symmetrically at you it will not turn out. Therefore put on bows the beginning of everyone. Straighten them so that to compensate roughness of braids if they have turned out uneven.
  5. Option of braids: it is possible to make not parting in the middle, and "zigzag". Independently you will not manage to make it therefore ask about the help of the friend or address the expert.
  6. Also the parting at the side or displaced aside is admissible. Such option approaches if you have round face or you will be "forgiven" by parting in the middle. In this case braids inevitably will be asymmetric both on arrangement, and by the size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team