How to bring eyebrows

How to bring eyebrows

play very important role. They not only protect our eyes from hit of hazardous substances and sweat, but also participate in facial expression, creating unique image. Therefore it is necessary to watch eyebrows. If the nature has not awarded you with beautifully curved eyebrows of color of night, be not upset. The desirable result can be received, having learned it is correct to bring eyebrows.


  1. First, define that you will use as eyeliner. There are special color eyebrow gels. Their action is similar to mascara, that is they both paint over, and fix hairs in the necessary direction. Pencils for eyeliner of eyebrows which, unlike gels, are in each brand and at any price are most widespread. Also recently there was very popular leading of eyebrows by means of shadows. It can be both opaque shadows for eyes, and specially released shadows for eyebrows.
  2. Choose the color, the closest to your hair color. The modern palette of means for eyebrows allows to consider various color nuances. If the shade is more dark necessary, then the make-up will look vulgar and if is lighter, then the divergence of color of pencil or gel with color of eyebrows will be noticeable and will create comical effect. It is better for blondes to use beige-gray scale of shades, and here brunettes will suit also brighter of tone, however it is better not to be fond of black pencil as at certain lighting it can give violet outflow.
  3. We start directly leading of eyebrows. To trace part of eyebrow from nose bridge up to place bends better in the direction from below up and to temple, kind of combing. If you use pencil, then the movements of hand have to be sharp and abrupt that the effect of own hairs was created. To smooth brightness of strokes, it is better for eyebrow to comb special brush which will shade the drawn lines, having created natural color. After the place of bend the eyebrow has to be narrowed a little therefore strokes have to be accurater, and it is not enough gel on brush. If when leading you somewhere have allowed the misses unnecessary the line it is possible to remove by means of the humidified Q-tip.
  4. After end of portrayal of eyebrow, walk once again on all length of eyebrow brush, having laid its image necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team