How to bring into form breast after the termination of lactation

How to bring into form breast after the termination of lactation

The birth of the kid is fine event in the woman's life. However pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding often affect appearance not in the best way. It for someone becomes basic reason on which the woman postpones planning of the child or refuses breastfeeding.

Hormonal changes in female body begin from the first days of pregnancy. Under the influence of hormones the mammary gland considerably increases in volume. There is it long before approach of childbirth. After the birth of the child the active development of breast milk begins. At the same time skin strongly stretches, muscles and sheaves cannot cope with loadings and after a while after the termination of lactation the breast droops empty sacks, loses the completeness and elasticity. It is natural process and over time body it will be restored. It is possible also without the assistance of the plastchesky surgeon, and there will be restoration quicker provided that young mother will try to help the nature. Of course, it will be possible to return breasts maidenly look hardly, but to tighten breast, to make it fuller and elastic it is quite possible. 

Ideally breast care needs to be begun at pregnancy planning stage. But not late to begin even after completion of breastfeeding. 

We adjust way of life

For appearance, including beauty of bust, first of all it is necessary to refuse addictions, such as, for example, to ureniye and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The substances which are contained in tobacco products and alcohol are poisons, poison organism, destroy vitamins and mineral substances that adversely affects not only health, but also appearance of the woman. Further it is necessary to pay attention to food which has to be full, balanced and regular. Enemies of beautiful breast - improper feeding and diets. As a result of short-reception of nutrients, skin becomes less elastic, the muscles supporting mammary glands lose tone, sheaves stretch and the bust droops. Vitamins A, C and E which promote preservation of youth and elasticity of skin are especially useful to breast. In diet have to prisytstvovat in dostatony quantity of squirrel, fats and carbohydrates. The quantity of necessary components individually, depending on anthropometrical dannokh and features of way of life, nature of work and so on is calculated. 

Hygiene of breast

Skin of breast does not love hot water that should be considered taking bath or shower. The contrast shower, douches by cool water and rubdowns by ice cubes is useful to breast skin. However, you should not overcool breast in the period of lactation as it is fraught with emergence zastoyev milk in channels that can lead to inflammations of mammary glands. After shower it is useful to apply to skin breasts and decollete nutritious cream. It is possible to use the same cream which you put on face or special means for breast, but body cream it is undesirable to apply breasts to skin. Cream is applied on all surface of breast and area of decollete with easy movements, then it is useful to make self-massage of breast. Two minutes on each breast and two minutes on area of decollete. Technology of massage is simple. Hold breast with one hand and the second carry out circular motions from top to down through outer side of breast, under breast and upward. Pressing has to be quite strong, but at the same time not cause painful feelings. Having pro-massed breast make the pounding movements from nipple to clavicle. Such massage stimulates blood circulation. 

Massage for beautiful breast

Except the method of massaging of breast described above the shi-ats can use also massage - the Japanese technique pressure of fingers.  

1. Pressure upon thyroid gland.   

Stimulation of endocrine glands allows to keep skin youth. This simple deystay will help to prolong health and youth not only breasts, but also all body. For this purpose incline a few head forward and slightly press thumb small pillow on the lower point sideways of thyroid gland. In the same way to promasiruyta the remained three points up. To define arrangement of points of thyroid gland, mentally divide gland side into three equal piece. Do the same on the other hand. 

2. Pressure upon medulla.   

Find point in deepening under skull base on back part of neck. Mass this point within several seconds.

3. Massaging of breast.  

For performance of this massage action it will be required to lay down on back. Put hands on breast and carry out the rotating movements from the center of thorax in outer sides under breast and up to the center of thorax. 

4. Massage of shoulders.  

 Find the painful dots on upper part of shoulder located approximately at the level of middle part of clavicle. Mass these points within several seconds. 

5. Massaging of interscapular area.  

 Between shovels on both sides of backbone grope painful dots - on three from each party along spine column. Mass these points within several seconds fingertips. 

How to choose linen

Choose bra strictly by the size. Too big will not support properly breast that threatens with sagging of mammary glands. Too tight linen will break blood supply of breast. It is more preferable natural fabrics synthetic. 

Exercises for breast

Except everything listed it is useful to carry out exercises for maintenance of beautiful shape of breast. 

Exercise 1.

Become directly, extend hands on each side. Carry out circular motions by shoulders forward, then back. 

Exercise 2.

Same starting position. Bend hands in elbows and touch hands shoulders. Vyrolnite circular motions forward, then back.

Exercise 3. 

Starting position, as in the previous exercises. Extend hands before yourself at the level of shoulders parallel to floor. As much as possible part straight arms back. Then forward, having crossed scissors, at the maximum tension. 

Exercise 4. 

Connect hands in the lock at the level of breast. Take away shoulders back. Squeeze and unclench close hands. 

Exercise 5. 

Connect hands in the lock, holding hands behind the head. Take away shoulders back. Squeeze and unclench close hands. 

Exercise 6. 

The hands bent in elbows lift breasts to level. Hands dezhat on opposite elbows. Lower in such type of hand down, slowly, showing brushes resistance, lift hands to breast level. 

Exercise 7. 

Part straight arms in the parties and bend in elbows so that brushes have been directed down. Turn hands so that brushes ""looked"" up. And in the opposite direction. 

Exercise 8. 

Become directly. Rising on toes, pull serially hands up, carrying out the prehensile movement as though you want to catch star. 

Begin to carry out exercises from 10 repetitions, gradually increase up to 30. It is possible to carry out not all exercises, and to choose 3 - 4 most pleasant. We work daily or every other day.

On condition of regular breast care, it is possible to notice positive changes in 21 days if breast small and in few months if breast volume. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team