How to bring shipitsa

How to bring shipitsa

is hissed - it is bottom wart. Most often it develops standing under thumb or on heel. It resembles callosity superficially, but consists of bunch of threadlike growths. How to get rid of shipitsa?


  1. For removal of shipitsa there is set of national ways. Here the most widespread.
  2. Steam out well leg for the night. Rub horse-radish root on small grater, put it on small napkin from bandage and apply to shipitsa. From above wind with polyethylene paper bag that juice of horse-radish has held on longer. Tie from above bandage and put on sock for the night. Perform this procedure while it is hissed will not descend. Instead of horse-radish it is possible to use the crushed leaves of young nettle or gruel from crude potatoes. Through time the keratosic skin will peel off together with thorns.
  3. Apply special means of Ferezol which is on sale in drugstores to faster effect. Before application of compresses from horse-radish use this means. For its application also steam out well leg and grease sore point with the Q-tip moistened in Ferezola. Smear shipitsa, depending on the size, from five to forty minutes. At the same time constantly moisten stick with new solution. This procedure does not cause pain. The only thing, surely open window leaf at application of this means as it has very unpleasant smell. After this procedure two weeks put compresses from horse-radish, nettle or potatoes while is hissed not to turn into callosity which accurately cut off. If still there were roots, again carefully grease them with Ferezol. After such treatment on leg there is no scar left and hems.
  4. For faster way use acetic acid. For this purpose cut out on plaster hole by the size of shipitsa and paste on leg. It is hissed has to get to this opening precisely. Mix 70% acetic acid with flour and apply the received gruel on shipitsa. Healthy skin around it will be protected by the pasted plaster. From above close up everything with big plaster. And so you pass with this sticker of 5-7 days, do not remove it even when washing legs. Then well steam out and tear off plaster together with shipitsa. At once grease wound with strong solution of potassium permanganate. If it is from the first hissed has not departed, repeat the procedure.

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