How to bring up the person without operation

How to bring up the person without operation

With age face skin loses the tone, there is the second chin, skin becomes flabby and droops on cheeks, there are wrinkles, mouth corners fall. Plastic surgery copes with such misfortunes immediately, but not all are ready to lay down under scalpel. There is a solution, it is possible to bring up the person independently and having resorted to the help of several experts.


1. Address in the professional massage therapist. Many cosmetology centers and offices offer service in the rejuvenating massage. By means of special the technician the skillful massage therapist will bring face muscles into tone, and over time they will become much brought more up. The face form will become more accurate, wrinkles will be smoothed, the skin on cheeks will become more elastic. The main thing to find the expert with the diploma, and then from massage it will be valid sense.

2. Conduct course of procedures of miostimulyation. The principle of work they are to bring muscles into tone. It is carried out in specialized salons by qualified specialists. The essence of miostimulyation is that by means of electric impulses face muscles are irritated, and they begin to work independently, without your participation. At the same time you will not feel pains, only slight discomfort at first, yet do not get used to muscle work without your efforts.

3. Procedures of mesotherapy are also effective in fight against age changes of the person. The mesotherapy promotes stimulation of exchange processes at the cellular level. The essence of procedures is that the vitaminized injections which deliver the necessary substances to cages for their food, improvement of blood circulation and stimulation of skin are entered into median layers of skin and into hypodermic and fat cellulose. As a result you receive the regenerated skin of the person tightened and I skin. The only minus of mesotherapy - pain at introduction of medicines. But the effect is reached much quicker, than at massage and miostimulyation.

4. Do gymnastics for the person. Face muscles need regular loadings. The gymnastics will help to relax them, for set of what wrinkles will be smoothed and to bring them into tone that will help to tighten skin. Daily occupations 10-15 minutes, and in month people around will notice changes. Exercise for eyes - put fingers to external corners of eyes, press a little. Close and open eyes, at the same time you have to feel fingers reduction of muscles.

5. Exercise for forehead - put fingers on forehead so that index were near the line of growth of hair, anonymous — on the upper line of eyebrows. Raise eyebrows, holding them ring fingers, and big and index pull together forehead skin forward and down. During performance of exercise on forehead folds should not appear.

6. Exercise for lips - squeeze lips, press corners of lips where folds, are formed by fingers.

7. Exercise for cheeks - to the place of the folds which are formed at smile put forefingers and stretch corners of lips, slightly pressing fingers for obstacle to the movement.

8. For chin - put fists under chin and with force open mouth, overcoming resistance of fists.

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