How to buy color lenses

How to buy color lenses

Color contact lenses – the fashionable accessory capable to make appearance of more effective. Besides, if necessary, they can modify sight shortcomings. It is possible to get lenses in specialized shops of optics and in online stores. Before purchase find out what lenses are necessary to you – on sale the mass of options for every taste and at various prices meets.


  1. Decide what lenses are necessary to you. Color lenses can be coloring – they give light color nuance. Also intensively painted lenses which are completely changing color of iris meet. There are also nacreous options – they add to eyes interesting gloss and unusual modulations. And, at last, the extreme options with drawings intended for extravagant persons.
  2. If you need lenses with dioptries, keep in mind that color options do not adjust strong degree of short-sightedness and far-sightedness. The majority of rulers comes to an end on 4-5 dioptries. Besides, lenses are contraindicated to owners of supersensitive eyes and subjects for whom the astigmatism is diagnosed.
  3. Choose color of lenses. Sellers of optical salons note that they are in special demand blue and green tone. Before purchase check tables where it is specified how models of different shades change color of irises. For example, the brown eyes complemented with blue lenses gain deep violet color, and blue in combination with green lenses become turquoise.
  4. If you do not want to potter with solutions and containers for lenses and are going to carry them incidentally, choose disposable models. Such lenses are put on only once, and after removal thrown out. You can acquire set of several couples of identical flowers or experiment with different shades.
  5. Estimate degree of air permeability of lenses – it is specified on each packing. The it is higher, the lenses in sock are more comfortable. Consider that slabookrashenny coloring options are less traumatic for eyes. And here dense lenses with drawings or nacreous effect can not be suitable for long wearing. However, such models are also not intended for it - it is original options for special cases.
  6. Having chosen the option suitable for itself, address to large optical salon – there usually more wide choice. In order to avoid misunderstanding and mistakes it is better to make the first purchase in salon. Having decided on the article and the brand, secondary purchase can be made also in online store. There are lower prices. Choose resource with the checked reputation and feedback.
  7. Consider that you will not be able to return not suitable lenses. Therefore choose them carefully. Before purchase the consultation of the ophthalmologist will not prevent. Together with lenses buy care products (if only you do not buy disposable options). Surely get bottle of artificial tear – it is required if the cornea under lens dries up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team