How to buy everything for nail extension

How to buy everything for nail extension

, beautiful nails – dream of many women. If earlier this luxury was available to not everyone (not everyone can brag of strong natural nails and beautiful form), then now sexual marigold which do not break and do not exfoliate – modern reality.

It is required to you

  • - salon of hairdresser's accessories;
  • - online store.


  1. Nail extension at home is extremely interesting and not difficult occupation for the girl especially as it is possible to buy everything for nail extension in many places, materials are available to each buyer.
  2. Find out what types of materials will be necessary for you. It depends on that in what extension of nails you will be engaged (acrylic or gel). It is required to you: - acrylic powder; - color acrylic powder; - materials for design of nails; - acrylic liquid (monomer); - color gel; - shells, spangles, fimo; - files for nails; - single-phase gel for nail extension; - orange sticks; - brushes for gel, acrylic, neyl-art, design; - tipsa; - forms; - polishers and grinders; - UF-lamp of 36 Watts.
  3. Choose acrylic system if you are going to increase nails with use of this material. Features and advantages of such system is: optional use of primer, the patented chemical reaction (technology thanks to which components of chemical origin are released slowly and within 21 days optical amplifiers of brightness are shown), brightness and durability of artificial nails, faultless colors, lack of flakings, cracks and bubbles, high degree of elasticity, ideal lines of smiles, faultless arches even at beginners.
  4. Visit the websites on the Internet. There is large number of the online stores selling materials for nail extension at the most favorable prices (,
  5. Ask the consultant of shop or salon if doubt expediency of purchase of any given material, or consult to the skilled master at whom you took nail extension courses. Take the expert if are not sure of the correct selection of materials for building, they cost little not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team