How to buy hair

How to buy hair

Many heard about such service as hair extension. Besides, in some cases it is necessary to create wigs. It is relevant, for example, among people of the theatrical sphere where change of appearance - natural action. The nobility how to buy hair, in this case, it is very important.


  1. On sale low-quality hair often meet. They can be distinguished from branded, but, unfortunately - after purchase, to be exact, even after building. At once pay attention to softness and condition of hair. If it is unpleasant to touch them, the structure is damaged, fragments of scales are considerably deformed - it is not necessary to listen to the seller who, perhaps, will tell that after processing by shampoo all this will improve. The quality products are attractive initially even if it long was on show-window, and did not look after her.
  2. Pay attention to roots and tips of hair. If on the first there are white or transparent balls, then it, perhaps, nits. In particularly complex cases louses meet. The splitting ends - sign that the hair will collapse. Besides, they often appear after influence by chemical dyes, and do not carry such products to qualitative. If you buy bunches at once - check whether they are sufficient on volume. Often economical producers pull out them that hair were enough for the bigger number of flasks. But such products all the same can be quality, here it is important to check licenses and confirmations.
  3. In suspicious places extremely seldom sell quality products. If to you have called door and have suggested to buy hair is bad sign. How to call such sellers for responsibility if marriage is found? Salons sell quite good hair, here risk to encounter fake less, than in the markets. But it is the best of all to take directly from the producer or in its official branches. Their addresses are usually provided on the websites of the firms working in this sphere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team