How to buy sunbed

How to buy sunbed

equal suntan is dream of many people irrespective of gender and age. But not each person has opportunity to regularly visit tanning studios or beauty shops. Therefore many producers of the solar equipment release the special sunbeds intended for use in house conditions. How to buy sunbed?


  1. Choose type of sunbed All equipment for suntan in house conditions can be divided into three types conditionally. The most budgetary and simple option is acquisition of front sunbed. This device is intended for obtaining suntan on skin of face, hands and area of decollete. As a rule, front sunbeds are equipped with 4-7 lamps of average power and supplied with the timer.
  2. Unilateral sunbeds are, perhaps, the most popular type of the home solar equipment. These devices are executed in the form of the special frame with lamps fixed on steady support or suspension. The tilt angle of frame can be changed depending on pose of sunbathing. Unilateral sunbeds allow to receive beautiful and equal suntan of all body. Their only shortcoming is need to turn over periodically.
  3. Bilateral house sunbeds are the most expensive look of the equipment for suntan. They can be both horizontal, and vertical. Externally they are very similar to the sunbeds established in tanning studios. However the house version of the equipment differs from professional analogs smaller quantity of lamps and the minimum set of additional functions.
  4. Bilateral sunbeds - rather powerful electric device. Therefore at installation of such equipment in the house or the apartment it is necessary to consider increase in load of your power supply network. It is whenever possible recommended to use separate line of electrocable.
  5. Upon purchase of sunbed it is necessary to study spectral structure of its lamps attentively. These data have to be specified in technical data sheet of the device. Important indicator is the ratio of UVB and UVA of beams - it defines quality and firmness of suntan. For house sunbeds this ratio has to be about 1%. Lamps with indicators of 2.4-3% belong to rigid and their use is recommended to be carried out under observation of the expert. Also pay attention to the stated service life of lamps. It has to make not less than 500-800 hours.
  6. Having chosen model, call slightly sports offline shops and online stores and, having compared the sunbeds provided to them on ratio price/quality, make final choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team