How to calculate the corridor of caloric content

How to calculate the corridor of caloric content

we need to put the body in order, it is necessary to know all ways and receptions which can help with it. One of them - restriction of the consumed kilocalories. How to calculate the corridor of caloric content?


  1. What is kilocalories? It is unit of measure of the energy consumed by our organism. The minimum consumption of kilocalories is equal to 1 kcal on 1 kg of weight of the person an hour. That is the number of kilocalories per hour weighing 55 kg equals 55. It allows to provide activity of organism at rest. But for work, sport and active holiday of energy it is required much more.
  2. How to calculate how many calories a day are necessary for you? Scientists raskalkulirovat daily power consumption for people of different floor and age long ago. Women (callas) Men (callas) sedentary work 2300 - 2400 2600 - 2700 vigorous activity 2800 - 2900 3200 - The 3300th heavy physical activity 3200 - 3300 4000 - 4100 pregnant women 2800 - 2900 - the feeding mothers 3400 - 3500 -
  3. But it is possible to adhere to this table only approximately. And if at the use of amount of the energy calculated by scientists all of you gain weight, it is necessary to work with other methods. Try to calculate the corridor of caloric content by formula which is recommended by some nutritionists - your ideal weight (IW) h24. Example: your ideal weight - 65 kg x 24 = 1560 kcal. So much you need to consume in day not to grow thin and to get fat.
  4. The corridor for growing thin makes 900 - 1200 kcal a day. If to keep within these figures, then weight reduction will be considerable. But you should not use less than 600 kcal a day. The metabolism at you will strongly slow down, and weight loss will stop.
  5. Besides, if you want to lose weight, better not just to adhere to healthy nutrition and to limit itself in greasy and sweet food. 2-3 times a week are desirable at least to play sports. If it is impossible - walk more. You go to steam of stops from work to the house on foot. Do it regularly. And then you will reach the ideal weight soon and will forever forget about extra kilos.

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