How to calculate the index of weight

How to calculate the index of weight

of the weight will not allow you to estimate degree of compliance to optimum parameters. It is necessary to consider also proportional ratio of volumes, weight, growth. Besides, it is necessary to remember also that extra kilos can be consequence of fat savings or appear as a result of active physical trainings.


  1. Measure the growth to determine body mass index. The indicator calculated as a result will allow you to understand as far as your form answers standard representations whether there is shortcoming or surplus of weight.
  2. Square the weight. Pay attention to compliance of units: growth has to be expressed in meters, weight – in kilograms. Make fraction: in numerator there will be figure received when determining length of your body, and in denominator – weight square.
  3. Make division. The received figure will also be indicator of the index of mass of your body. On average it is considered that figures ranging from 18.5 to 24.99 are norm indicators. Excess of border has several gradation, from the excess body weight or preobesity to morbid obesity or obesity of the third degree. In the same way and smaller figures can testify to various degrees of exhaustion (insufficient body weight or the expressed deficiency).
  4. Use services of the special websites allowing to carry out automatic calculations. On some of them from you it will be required to enter data into the corresponding forms. Others suggest to establish values on romper suit. Depending on the chosen website it is necessary to observe different degree of accuracy. For some will enough know growth in centimeters (but do not forget to transfer to meters), and weight – in kilograms. Other websites can demand and knowledge of growth and weight parameters with an accuracy of millimeters and grams respectively.
  5. Pay attention that all these parameters represent only average figures, and can change for each specific person. You should not extrapolate to yourself results of interpretation automatically. So, for example, these tables cannot be used by athletes or pregnant women.

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