How to calculate the weight and growth

How to calculate the weight and growth

Seldom who considers the weight ideal. Statistically, in Russia about 50% of the population are more senior than thirty years suffer from excess body weight. It should be noted that excess weight meets also at those people who at first sight look slender.


  1. The French anthropologist Paul Brock has removed the simplest and exact formula for calculation of ideal weight suitable practically all people. According to it - the optimum weight of the person is equal to its growth minus coefficient. The coefficient has also been removed by Brock for each category of people. With height over 175 cm - 110, lower than 175 cm - 105, lower than 165 cm it is 100. However recently opinions of experts were shared. Most of them began to consider that Brock's formula suits only people at whom the age is ranging from forty up to fifty years. They have entered the following amendments. If you are not forty years old yet, then reduce the weight which has been calculated by formula of Brock by ten - fifteen percent. If to you more than fifty, then increase result by five – ten percent.
  2. If you want to receive more exact results, then calculate body mass index. It shows quantity in organism of fat deposits. To calculate this index, make measurements of growth in meters and body weights in kilograms. The index - it is the weight relation to growth in square. Depending on what result you have received, it is possible to draw conclusions on availability of excess weight. If you have normal body weight, then the result should not exceed 25. If it is in the range from 25 up to 27, then it already speaks about insignificant excess weight. If the result of calculations exceeds 27, then it already obesity. However It should be noted that all these indicators are average.
  3. In hospitals the doctors use special tables which authentically define availability of excess weight. In them the maximum allowed values of weight of the person are reflected in dependence of its age, sex, growth.

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