How to care for health of teeth

How to care for health of teeth

snow-white smile was always considered as beauty standard! Already for many years stars of cinema and platform, showing white teeth, urge the population of the country to follow their example. And all because the smile is the first what your interlocutor pays attention to, so, it has to be ideal. As without harm to give to the teeth healthy look to submit the smile of people around?!

Oral cavity care is paramount. Now each child knows that it is necessary to rinse mouth after each meal, and to brush teeth - 2 times a day. The best toothbrush is usual manual, but not electric. The second, of course, is simpler in use, but it does not clean oral cavity as effectively as manual. Namely the correct provision of brush and technology of cleaning will allow to get rid of dental plaque and the remains of food. It is tiresome to hold brush at an angle in 45 degrees. Teeth are brushed at first vertically, and then it is horizontal. Besides, language and cheeks need to be cleaned too.

For more effective clarification it is necessary to use tooth thread which gets into space between teeth, helping to take parts of food and various deposits. And rinsing of oral cavity special solutions is useful not only for teeth, but also for gums.

For prevention it is necessary to have examination at the stomatologist each half a year. It will help not only to reveal any diseases of oral cavity, but also in time to eliminate them.

One more necessary point – healthy nutrition. Teeth need microelements and minerals that they were strong and healthy. In diet there have to be products containing calcium such as, cottage cheese and milk. It is desirable to eat fat fish and seafood. Healthy nutrition gives to organism necessary vitamins for maintenance of health of teeth and gums.

It is very important to watch hygiene of oral cavity and food, but even it can not promote your smile to become snow-white if you have absolutely other color of enamel.

For change of color of enamel it is possible to resort to bleaching. This procedure is not useful to teeth, when bleaching enamel which is protective is skimmed, so teeth become more vulnerable. After the procedure it is impossible to use tea, coffee and the painting products.

Careful oral cavity care and healthy nutrition since the early childhood will lead to healthy and snow-white teeth. Or the visit to the stomatologist and the procedure of bleaching will be made by your teeth those. Anyway, you with pleasure will show the beautiful smile to people around. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team