How to care for skin

How to care for skin

Beautiful skin is not only natural gift, but also result of careful personal care without which can even quickly lose the most ideal face all the charm. Actually correct skin care is not so difficult, it is only necessary to pick up appropriate means and not to forget about regularity.

It is required to you

  • - the means for washing corresponding to skin type;
  • - the moisturizing face cream;
  • - nutritious face cream;
  • - masks for skin;
  • - cream peeling or srub;
  • - fluid, serum or cream for care for eyelid skin.


1. Before looking after skin, define to what type it belongs as it is essentially important for selection of cosmetics. Normal skin easily transfers any components on leaving, fat needs that will help to reduce work of sebaceous glands, and dry, on the contrary, in additional moistening and nutrition.

2. Begin leaving from regular clarification that will help to prevent development of inflammatory processes and will give the chance to time to breathe. Wash with application of special means twice a day, and during the day you can refresh the person with thermal sprays in addition.

3. Following rules of care for skin do not forget about regular moistening which any person needs. For this purpose not later than half an hour to exit from the house you apply to skin the moisturizing cream or more multipurpose VV-cream which combines in itself(himself) functions of decorative basis under make-up and protection of skin.

4. After clarification of the person apply nutritious cream to skin in the evening, gently massing all sites of the person, except area of eyes. For these zones use special means as skin there very gentle. In hot season use means, easier on texture, which will not hammer time, but at the same time will help cages to fill missing useful substances.

5. Once a week purify skin more carefully, using for this purpose srubs or peelings which not only remove pollution, but also the keratosic particles of epidermis, helping skin to regenerate quicker. You can also add careful face care with masks. They feed cages in addition and can be as are acquired in the form of ready means in shop, and created from the products which have appeared near at hand, picked up according to skin type.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team