How to carry bandages on hair

How to carry bandages on hair

Bandages on hair can be noticed even in old photos of the Russian aristocrats, not to mention representatives of the western beau monde. But even such simple accessory needs to be able to be carried.

It is required to you

  • - silk scarf;
  • - invisible beings;
  • - narrow leather bandage;
  • - chain;
  • - elastic bandage;
  • - woolen bandage.


  1. Bandages on hair happen several types: thin, in the form of chain, leather, elastic, woolen and fabric, with fastener or without. At the same time even bandages of one type can be so various that fashionistas risk to be disoriented.
  2. Leather and in the form of bandage chain on hair perfectly approach casual and hippie style. They decorate also short hairstyle, and excellently emphasize beauty long of flowing hair. It is better to carry bandages of this kind on the middle of forehead, over ears. Narrow wattled leather bandages on the hair decorated with rhinestones or flowers will fit even into glamourous style, adding juicy accent to image.
  3. Elastic bandages on hair are considered as the most popular today. They are convenient and functional. However girls with low forehead should be careful, putting on such bandages forehead. Optimal variant of arrangement of bandage in this case its placement will be slightly higher than border of growth of hair. Whereas owners of high forehead can carry bandage on hair as directly over eyebrows, and on the middle of forehead or is even closer to the top. It is convenient to carry elastic bandages with the hairstyle assuming lack of bang and smoothly combed hair. Though some hairstyles with long bang will only be benefited from such accessory – fixed directly at the beginning of bang, bandage will reliably record bang and will give graphics to image. The same way it is possible to carry also woolen bandages for hair in cold season.
  4. Fabric bandages with fastener are used most often as special cases accessory. The narrow satin, decorated with rhinestones and beads, fabric bandages can decorate the bride's head, supplement high evening hairstyle or fix the locks which are in artistic mess at party. Fabric bandages can be both wide, and narrow. As wide bandage for hair the silk scarf tied on forehead at the border of growth of hair can serve. The scarf can decorate hair and directly over bang, being fixed by invisible beings on nape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team