How to carry briquettes

How to carry briquettes

are the special metal plates established on teeth. Through them there passes the arch which tension changes arrangement of teeth. By means of breket-systems it is possible not only to level teeth, but also to correct bite. Usually after installation of brackets as they are often called, the orthodontist tells how it is correct to look after them. But some recommendations can be forgotten, besides, many want to foreknow, care for briquettes is how difficult.

It is required to you

  • - special brush for breket-systems;
  • - tooth thread with the rigid end;
  • - brush for briquettes;
  • - toothpaste for briquettes;
  • - conditioner;
  • - irrigator.


  1. Breket-sistemy usually carry from one to three years during which the patient has to be under control of the attending physician. The first days after installation will be not the most pleasant: these plates will reap on teeth, to cause painful feelings, to rub lips or cheeks, to prevent to eat and speak. This everyday occurrence which proceeds usually one-two weeks. By the end of the first week it is necessary to see doctor – if it turns out that the system will wound mucous mouth or significantly breaks diction, the orthodontist will register special protective wax. But in most cases the discomfort completely passes by this time.
  2. It is regularly and very carefully necessary to look after briquettes. These plates – the perfect place for accumulation of the remains of food therefore it is necessary to brush teeth after each meal. At the same time there will be not enough usual brush for teeth. Buy special toothbrush which has the tick form, brushes for breket-systems and tooth thread with the rigid end – they are on sale in drugstores or stomatologiya. It is also necessary to buy special paste and conditioner for briquettes – they are usually selected by the doctor depending on indications.
  3. There are devices simplifying tooth care – irrigators. They give under pressure liquid (water or special solution) squirt which cleans teeth and briquettes. But with sensitive gums the irrigator can cause irritation in people. Besides, it is necessary to remember that its application does not replace use of tooth thread, brush and the brush.
  4. During carrying breket-systems it is necessary to keep to certain diet also carefully. The fact is that these metal plates quite brittle, them it is easy to damage. Apples, carrots, nuts, rigid pieces of meat can break design, especially if you have established sapphire or ceramic briquettes. It is impossible to eat also the lasting products: chewing gums, toffees, nougat, caramel. Contraindicated cold ice cream (it is possible to eat thawed) or very hot drinks and soups – sharp change of temperatures breaks elasticity of metal arches. It is also recommended to exclude from the diet coffee, wine, jam. Doctors do not advise to smoke during carrying breket-systems.
  5. Even at observance of all recommendations about care for briquettes and to food it is impossible to be insured from emergencies. Be not frightened if the plate has come off tooth. Even if you have swallowed it, nothing terrible will occur. Visit the attending physician, and he will correct situation. The orthodontist also has to make toothbrushing regularly. But it does not mean at all that it is possible to treat toothbrushing and care for briquettes carelessly – the wrong implementation of doctor's instructions can delay treatment.

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