How to carry chignon

How to carry chignon

The chignon is known for many years, it belief and the truth serves great ladies who care for beauty and variety of the appearance. Really, to grow hair, the long period of time is necessary. Now there is technology allowing to increase hair, but also this procedure demands time expenditure. It is possible to change by means of chignon only in several minutes.


  1. Small by the size, the nice chignon bang can instantly alter appearance. In this case it is necessary to make accurately horizontal hair parting at height of the desirable line of bang, having separated the bulk of hair back, and to fix chignon by means of imperceptible invisible beings.
  2. The fashion for hairstyles and forms of chignons constantly changes, but the way of their fastening remains practically such, as well as was initially: tapes, hairpins, invisible clip-on earrings, hair claws. It is possible to do high hair with use of chignon, having tied on the top tail from own hair. Then from above to put slip, to evenly distribute artificial hair and to fix by tape, having tied around tail. The tape can be disguised jewelry for hair: in flowers, jewelry or decorative hairpins.
  3. The chignon fixed by tape can be braided in one or several braids, gradually taking also the hair, it will keep on the head rather strongly. If hair very short, and the bunch turns out too small, the chignon should be fixed by hairpins, having occupied its regions on all perimeter. One more effective and imperceptible way to fix chignon is its fixing by means of hairpin hair claw.
  4. Chignon babette again in fashion, it looks very elegantly, fastens by means of invisible clips. Selecting it, it is necessary to select attentively color and shade that the chignon organically looked on your hair. Short, small chignons which fasten on special combs will be appropriate the heads on each side, it is slightly above and slightly back from temporal zone.
  5. Not really thick hair on the top can be hidden, having fixed under them tape of chignon clip-on earrings, as in earphones. The hair should be let go from above, if necessary to sprinkle fixer. Volume hair can add by means of the same chignon on tape, having passed it from ear to ear on bottom edge of the line of growth of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team