How to carry color lenses

How to carry color lenses

Gray, gray-blue, green, brown – color of eyes of billions of people. And only the few lucky are owners of cornflower-blue, bright blue, celestial-blue, amber, tea, emerald-green eyes. As would be most great to choose their color. It can once and was dream, but today to make it as simply how to change pair of gloves. Only it is necessary to buy color lenses. However it is impossible to forget about precautions and rules of carrying such lenses.


  1. Before purchase be defined how often you gather to carrycolorlens . Because of the fact that they pass oxygen worse time of their carrying within a day is less, than colourless. The sight also decreases in comparison with colourless a little. Consider it if you are driving.
  2. Choose color lenses only after consultation with the ophthalmologist even if they have purely esthetic function. Deciding on the choice, surely come to bright daylight — so you will not be mistaken with the shade suitable under your type of appearance.
  3. Think what effect you want to achieve: it is simple to allocate eyes or to cardinally change their color. In the first case you will suit tinted contact lenses of quiet tones. They have effect of strengthening of natural color and the drawing of eyes. Pay attention to color contact lenses with the strengthened coloring at the edges – they have effect of youth, vigor, look depth. Tinted lenses will be suitable for daily carrying.
  4. You carry the blocking drawing and color of eyes of lens from time to time, on some actions and events: holidays, parties, discos. This some kind of evening dress for your eyes. Being going to be published in color contact lenses, do not forget to take the moistening drops and container for lenses. Closeness and too dry cheese can be cut indoors to you evening.
  5. Do not apply the solutions containing hydrogen peroxide to care for color lenses. Any multipurpose solutions will approach. Do not use the same solution twice.
  6. Remember expiration date of your lenses and do not use them after this term has expired. Depending on type of lenses they distinguish the admissible term of carrying: from two weeks to one year.
  7. You carry color lenses for 6 or at most 8 hours a day and do not forget to remove them before going to bed.
  8. Well wash up hands with soap before putting on or removing lenses. The parts of dirt which have got on lens can cause irritation.
  9. For washing of lenses use only the corresponding solution, do not wash lens with usual water from the crane at all. As exception it can be done if the lens has fallen to the ground. In this case wash out it under flowing water, and then place in container with solution.
  10. If you have got sick with catarrhal disease, take medicine, exclude use of lenses for this period.
  11. Put on lenses before drawing make-up. The same concerns also removal of make-up – at first remove lenses.
  12. When carrying lenses try to avoid places where evaporations are possible chemically. Avoid hit of any chemistry in eyes, including aerosols with hairspray, deodorants, spirits, etc. If there is need to use them, surely close eyes. The same rule belongs to washing of the head shampoo.
  13. In contact lenses you can wash, take shower. It is possible to swim in the pool or open reservoirs, only if you put on the special dense glasses for bathing preventing water ingress in eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team