How to carry out anti-cellulite massage

How to carry out anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is considered great way of fight against problem sites of skin. Having studied method, it is possible to execute it independently.

Many women have problem - cellulitis. Skin becomes rough and anti-cellulite massage can cope with it. Each girl will be able to perform such procedure. The monthly course will help to cope with problem.

Blood circulation violation, the wrong way of life, food and accumulation of water in fat cages – all this the causes of cellulitis.

Massage against cellulitis will bring results if to use special cream or gel. The composition of cream has to include surely seaweed, caffeine and also vitamin A.

Carrying out massage from cellulitis it is necessary to take advices. Before making the procedure it is necessary to warm hands. Movements need to be carried out smoothly, at slow speed, beginning from below. Massage at skin and heart diseases is forbidden.

Method of performance of massage against cellulitis:

  • It is necessary to apply the corresponding cream to skin. Finger-tips to pass across problem areas. It becomes for blood circulation improvement.
  • Then to execute grinding which drives fat and removes excess liquid.
  • After warming up of skin it is necessary to start puddling. It is necessary to delay, and then to warm up skin. It is necessary for skin softening.
  • Then it is necessary to pass to the patting movements with fist.
  • Captures are considered as effective type of massage. It is necessary to carry out within 10 minutes. By means of captures the activity of vessels improves, skin becomes elastic.

After shower it is useful to carry out anti-cellulite massage by means of simple bast. It is necessary to apply srub on it and within 10 minutes intensively to mass problem sites.

For anti-cellulite massage vacuum jars are considered as excellent means. That to execute it it is necessary to squeeze jar and to put to skin. Then to do circular motions so far the jar will not be disconnected from skin. For strengthening of sliding it is better to use orange essential oil. Regular massage improves blood circulation and accelerates fat splitting. This way of performing massage is considered more effective.

That cellulitis any more not could develop it is necessary to watch the food more. It is necessary to reduce consumption of pastries, confectionery and fried dishes to minimum. Also it belongs to salt which detains liquid in organism. It is better to add more cellulose to diet. For this purpose it is necessary to use vegetables and fruit. It is better to drink water and green tea.

The healthy nutrition promotes lipidic exchange in cells of epidermis, and with thanks to anti-cellulite massage this process will accelerate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team