How to carry out anti-cellulite massage of the house

How to carry out anti-cellulite massage of the house

Cellulitis – problem of many women. Because of it we are not able to afford to wear to ourselves short dresses and we have frankly complex. However, there is set of ways of fight against ugly orange-peel - diets, physical exercises and massage. It is necessary to tell at once that fight against cellulitis has to be complex, at the same time massage plays very important role. Of course, it is possible to go to salon to the professional massage therapist, but there is also alternative – house anti-cellulite massage.

How to do anti-cellulite massage

Let's give some councils for those who have decided to do anti-cellulite massage of the house: the maximum effect of procedures will be only if you carry out them constantly; the best time for house anti-cellulite massage – morning; massage surely has to begin with steaming, then it is necessary to purify skin, to apply the moisturizing cream and only after that to start directly massage.

Separately it is worth talking about massage movements. All movements with pressing have to be carried out strictly clockwise while easy strokings – against. Also it is worth remembering that at massage of inside of hip of the movement have to be carried out from below up, and during the work with outer surface on the contrary. Massage of buttocks is carried out by circular motions from the center, and then from below up.

Carrying out anti-cellulite massage you remember that cellulitis in itself will not leave and it is necessary to make considerable efforts (literally this word). Massage has to be vigorous that muscles did not manage to cool down.

Technology of performance of anti-cellulite massageOf course, modern producers offer set of massagers, but nevertheless the leading techniques are only two – one of them (Koch's technique) is based on use of usual spoon.

For a start you need to pick up such spoon which will well lie at you in hand. For performing massage of buttocks Koch recommends to use cold spoons and to carry out at the same time massage of both buttocks by circular motions. Do not forget about the basic rules which have been given above. In addition It should be noted that you should not press too diligently spoons – bruises can develop.

Can anti-cellulite massage is direct competitor spoon. It is also quite simple to do it. Prepare skin, having oiled its massage, squeeze a few jar, press it to body and you can begin massage movements. At can massage the vacuum which provides impact on problem zones is formed. Also when performing can massage the lymph flow is stimulated, the metabolism is normalized, as provides disposal of subcutaneous fat and orange-peel.

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