How to carry out ideal face cleansing

How to carry out ideal face cleansing

It is especially important to carry out ideal and careful face cleansing in the flying. However the special approach is necessary for each type of skin. 

Dry skin, as a rule, needs moistening. In hot flying weather can pull together such skin after washing too. Feeling it not from pleasant. Reasons for that two: influence of the sun and often too aggressive means for removal of make-up. It destroys natural protective layer of skin and by that promotes its excessive dryness that leads to reddening and peeling.

Tenderness and smoothness will help to return to skin the cleaning means with the neutral environment (PH neutral). Give preference to the moistening gentle skin, mousse or milk which part urea and hyaluronic acid are.

Oily skin needs to be dried. Unpleasant gloss, enlarged pores, black dots in nose and chin — all this signs of oily skin. To look younger and more attractive, owners of such skin should resort to the special cleaning means which reduce sebaceous secretion and slightly dry skin. It can be the gels, mousses or skins possessing disinfecting action.

To clean pores in nose, two times a week it is possible to use the cleaning strips. They not only will save from black dots, but also will help to narrow pores. Before application of such strips it is necessary to wash face properly.

Sensitive skin it is necessary to calm. On many external factors — wind, the sun, heavy make-up, the skin often reacts with burning and reddening. Therefore it is important to choose the softest clarification which part additional potential irritants, such as alcohol and synthetic fragrances will not be.

Means for removal of make-up have to be natural, easy and flavourless. Choose milk or skin for washing which part the calming components, for example, panthenol, extract of camomile, aloe are. They will help to restore protective layer of skin, having returned it freshness and shine.

With age process of renewal of cells of skin happens more and more slowly, it is harder and harder to get rid of the died-off parts to it. As a result it harmful affects appearance. The complexion becomes dim, wrinkles develop. Useful substances from creams begin to get worse and worse deep into skin.

To help face skin to return former elasticity and freshness, you regularly carry out deep cleansing of skin by means of soft srub. It will save skin from dead cells and will improve blood circulation. Except the peeling component, essential oils also have to be part of anti-aging srub. Before the procedure of scrubbing the skin needs to be washed by means of milk or skin and to steam out properly. So the effect of srub will be much more noticeable. After the procedure the skin should be moisturized tonic.

Heat-spots and acne rash sometimes do not pass also in mature age. Among the reasons — too vigorous activity of sebaceous glands. They produce a lot of skin fat which hammers time.

The cleaning means regulating production of skin fat and also antibacterial lotions will help to cope with problem (but not on spirit basis). Special masks which part anti-inflammatory components are (salicylic acid, zinc, etc.) will serve as fine addition to daily clarification

And here by means of srub it is better to refrain from deep cleansing. It excessively injures already inflamed skin. Alternative to srub — so-called gommage, or the means which is not containing abrasive particles. Deep cleansing happens at the expense of the softening effect of plant extracts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team