How to carry out massage

How to carry out massage

Now there is huge number of courses on massage. And in bookstores the shelves are filled by grants and instructions. Means, we can learn to do massage independently. What to begin with and how it is correct to do it?


  1. At once we will be defined that it is impossible to be engaged in medical massage without the corresponding medical education at all. And all other types of massage - anti-cellulite, weakening, toning, etc. are quite available to house use. It is not difficult to learn to these technicians at all, and you will be able always to find recommendations in the Internet or special literature. From you only desire and rather strong muscles of hands will be required.
  2. For the weakening massage you will need to create the corresponding situation. Light in the room has to be muffled, table for massage or sofa are covered with soft, nice on the touch material. It is possible to light aromatic candles and to turn on the quiet music. Warm hands under warm water and begin massage with humeral belt. Ask the person to think of good, to present itself on the ocean coast. Waves fight about the coast, sand rustles, the easy breeze blows. Gradually you pass to massage of the left and right hands. Movements have to be sure soft, but at the same time. Mass back, at first one party, then another. Walk with circular motions from waist to neck. Technology of massage can be absolutely different. The most important is to create the atmosphere of relaxation and luxury.
  3. Massage anti-cellulite will demand some skill. Vacuum silicone jars can render the good help here. To learn to use them quite simply, and it is possible to get in any drugstore. Jars stick to skin, and force of attraction can be regulated. If to squeeze jars in hand it is strong - massage will be more intensive. Blood flows to skin, on the way destroying fat cages and, respectively, cellulitis. Usually such massage is carried out on buttocks, but it is very effective also for waist.
  4. Tonic it is better to carry out massage in the first half of day. Turn on the vigorous music, air the room. Let in the room smells of svezhesvarenny coffee. It is proved that this smell helps the person to cheer up, wake up. Use for massage of oil with smell of lemon, mint, bergamot, carnation. They are capable to cause inflow of forces and will create dynamic mood for all day.
  5. The technician of massage exists great variety. What of them to master - to solve only to you. Only you remember that here it is important not only ability to mass body, but also art of creation of the appropriate atmosphere. Stock up with necessary accessories, candles, oils. And then your massage will bring not only physical pleasure, but also moral and esthetic satisfaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team