How to cause autosuntan

How to cause autosuntan

Suntanned skin always looks attractively and effectively. If to cause autosuntan in due form, it is possible to achieve effect of equal and natural suntan. The spotty and unevenly painted skin will draw attention of people around, but will hardly make that impression which you assumed to achieve.


1. Choose suitable means. Choosing autosuntan, consider natural shade of skin, the place of application and the purpose of drawing – the type and type of product depends on it. The choice of type of means depends on type of face skin – gels are ideal for oily and problem skin, cream with moisturizing components suits dry skin. To apply cream and mousse longer, and sprays – it is more convenient.

2. Purify skin. Before causing autosuntan, take bath or shower. During the procedure process leather soft peeling or srub, deleting the died-off particles and preparing it for drawing means. Also you will get rid of the autosuntan remains from last drawing.

3. Cause autosuntan. Begin to apply means to absolutely dry skin – from below up. Begin with legs and try to cause autosuntan with uniform layer from the first – so you will avoid emergence of the spots differing in color. Distribute means on palm and several times run hands over the processed surface of body. Your movements have to resemble massage – lungs and sliding.

4. Pay attention to back – independently it will be possible to apply autosuntan evenly on back hardly. Therefore in advance secure with someone's help. Coat dry parts of the body slightly.

5. You can cause autosuntan with soft sponge – so means will be distributed more exactly, but certain skill is for this purpose necessary (use the humidified sponge). It is possible to buy the special spray, but it is one face better to put means hands.

6. Remove surplus of means. Accurately wipe with the cleaning lotion elbows, knees, nails and palms. Shade autosuntan along the line of growth of hair and over eyebrows.

7. Repeat the procedure if in it there is need. Some means put in two layers therefore repeat drawing later couple of hours after the first procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team