How to cease to grow thin

How to cease to grow thin

Against the background of craze by weight loss there is great number of girls for whom weight became the real problem. Uncontrollable decrease in body weight can be consequence of diseases, improper feeding, stressful states. In most cases the problem should be solved, having secured with support of the expert.


1. Undergo medical examination. In certain cases uncontrollable loss of weight is caused by endocrine violations, digestive tract diseases, nervous breakdowns. Begin the travel on doctors with the therapist or the endocrinologist who will help to establish the reason of insufficient body weight.

2. Do not neglect nutritionists. Unfortunately, very few people consult at the doctor before beginning fight against excess weight. But when the diet has already led to unforeseen consequences, the help of the expert is simply necessary. Loss more than 10% of normal body weight is reason for visit to the doctor.

3. Sometimes loss of weight is connected with stressful states, the exhausting physical or intellectual activity. Rest, change of situation, elimination of negative factor it is frequent, but not always, are capable to help to cope with situation independently. In other cases the professional therapy, perhaps, with intake of medicines is required.

4. If you long time adhered to strict diet or were under the influence of stressful factors, gradually accustom yourself to full-fledged diet. Eat at least 4-5 times a day, evenly distributing density of meals. Do not lean on heavy and high-calorific dishes to gain more weight – it will only create excess loading for digestive system. Variety of diet not necessarily means excess luxury: enough every day to use meat or fish (for vegetarians – bean) dish, something from vegetables, fruit, any look milk and cereal (porridges, muesli, bread) products.

5. If the state of health allows, be engaged in power trainings. Having built up muscle bulk, you will be able to support optimum body weight. And here cardiotrainings (aerobic loadings), on the contrary, will lead to further weight reduction. It is desirable to visit the sports doctor before the occupations and to make the plan of trainings with the instructor.

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