How to cease to press pimples

How to cease to press pimples

The problem of pimples is very relevant among youth. All know that it is impossible to squeeze out pimples in house conditions, otherwise them will become even more. But having seen in mirror of next "guest" on the face, hands and last that to squeeze out it. Over time it becomes addiction of which it is very difficult to get rid.


1. If you have seriously decided to undertake beauty of the person, for a start you after all should visit beauty shop where to you will professionally clean face and will remove the available comedones and abscesses without unpleasant consequences. All the subsequent – in your hands. Try to follow several advice, and, maybe, you will be able to cease to press pimples on the face soon.

2. Try to look during the day less often in mirror. You look in it only to correct hairstyle or make-up, without paying attention to skin shortcomings. It is not necessary to move too close the person to mirror, trying to consider it in detail.

3. Do not think of pimples, keep skin clean and apply necessary hygienic and remedies to fight against eels.

4. Try to fall in love with yourself such what you are, for the great character, mind and kindness. Be not obsessed with shortcomings of the person, otherwise over time you can have about it inferiority complex. Even when youthful eels will pass, complexes can remain and spoil to you all life.

5. To cease to press pimples to you, of course, it will be possible not at once, but at the slightest desire to stretch hands to the person try to remember any occupation, pleasant for you, – desire to watch the new movie, to write the online letter to the friend, to prepare favourite dish, to do shopping. And at once you depart from mirror to carry out conceived which is more useful and interesting, than expression of hated heat-spots.

6. Try to occupy yourself with useful affairs that you had as little as possible free time for peeping in mirror. Be engaged in learning of foreign language, self-development or, at last, sport. Sports trainings not only improve body, but also increase the level of endorphines which call happiness hormones. And the feeling of happiness will increase your self-confidence and will help you to get rid of habit to press pimples. Then you will become healthy and beautiful not only physically, but also spiritually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team