How to change appearance

How to change appearance

Change of the appearance is opportunity to get out of gray everyday life, to get new emotions and, perhaps, new friends. It would seem what can more simply, than change the appearance – it is ready to put on new things and new prikid enough. However change of appearance is the whole complex of actions about which we will tell you.


  1. Very first that it is possible to make that people around have noticed it – to replace hairstyle. If you all life wore the hair long and were never painted, it is a high time to register in reception to the hairdresser. If you do not know what hairstyle to you will go, consult to it, but it is better, try to try on all possible hairstyles in advance. It can be done by means of virtual programs which on boundless open spaces there is a lot of. There you will be able not only to see yourself with new hairstyle, but also to try on make-up, unusual to yourself and clothes. If you have chosen hairstyle, safely give yourself in charge of the hairdresser. It is not obligatory to cut hair shortly. It is enough to pick up good color, to straighten, remove superfluous by means of tapering, perhaps, to make bang if you before it did not carry. The owner of short hair can decide on the procedure of hair extension. After all, long hair decorate any girl.
  2. The second stage on the way to itself new is selection of make-up. If you have not got used to be painted, then first it will be difficult. We advise also, for full change of image to buy color contact lenses. They are both with dioptries, and without them. And already proceeding from color of eyes plan color scale of the make-up.
  3. The third stage – selection of clothes. What longer you were supporter of one style, subjects will make bigger impression on others, having cardinally replaced clothes. However, at selection of things keep in mind that kind of for new style for you it was unusual, after all these things have to suit you. And the main thing, you have to feel in them comfortable.
  4. The fourth – be engaged in the figure. Agree that pyshechka and the slender girl very much differ externally therefore if you excessively thin – be engaged in extension of muscles if too full – too go to the gym, but with the purpose to leave excess centimeters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team