How to change black hair color

How to change black hair color

Women often want changes in the shape. Sometimes metamorphoses are limited to new accessory, unusual make-up, and sometimes are expressed also in change of hair color. In the latter case before owners of black curls the set of opportunities for giving of new shades to them opens.

It is required to you

  • - nonmetallic bowl;
  • - brush for coloring of hair;
  • - henna;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - egg yolk;
  • - resistant hair-dye;
  • - mix for dekapirovaniye.


  1. For receiving golden shade use henna. In nonmetallic bowl mix from 1 to 5 bags of henna (depending on length of hair) with boiled water before obtaining kashitseobrazny weight. Add tablespoon of lemon juice or 6% of apple cider vinegar for gloss. When the received mix slightly cools down, pour in it in egg yolk for drawing simplification.
  2. Wash up hair and dry them towel. Put on rubber or polyethylene gloves for protection of skin and nails against coloring. By means of special brush or old toothbrush you apply henna on roots of hair hair parting behind hair parting. After roots you pass to length. Inclining the head in different directions, evenly distribute paint on hair. Collect them in bunch and cover with food wrap or big plastic bag. In 3-4 hours carefully wash up the head warm water without shampoo. If parts of henna have got stuck among locks, use the conditioner.
  3. For clarification of the hair which are not painted earlier use resistant paint. To paints of the class "massmarket" oxidizer is picked already up and is in box together with tube of the dye. For professional paints buy oxidizer separately.
  4. Before coloring carry out the test for sensitivity of skin. Mix small amount of paint with oxide and apply on elbow bend. In 24 hours if skin has not reddened, start the procedure. Mix all components. You carry out coloring the same as it is described above.
  5. For clarification of dyed hair previously make remover – the procedure deleting dark pigment from hair. In shop of professional cosmetics buy mix for the decapage or dekapirovaniye of hair. Apply it on hair the same as paint, sustain the put time, and then wash away large amount of water. If the result has not satisfied you, repeat the procedure. Then paint hair resistant paint in the color chosen by you.

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