How to change black hair color for violet

How to change black hair color for violet

There was fashion for non-standard shades of hair not so long ago (about 8-10 flyings ago). If earlier only the certain audience used paints of extreme flowers, then today the situation has cardinally changed.

Demand gives rise to the offer. For this reason today in the market of decorative cosmetics it is possible to meet large number of the firms which are engaged in release and sale of hair-dyes of the most various shades. Despite use every year of more and more new production technologies of paints, requirements to hair (state and natural color) remained approximately same, as well as twenty flyings ago.

If you are owner of black or bluish-black mane by nature, it will be difficult to dye hair in any light shades to you. Even if you want to gain blue or violet hair color, you will need to clarify at first hair, and then to paint them the necessary shade.

Preparation for coloring of hair in violet color

Before dyeing hair in violet color, you need to clarify hair. If you have by nature saturated black shade, then you will need to use clarifier on 4–6 tones, having taken it on hair about 10-15 minutes, or to sustain 30–40 minutes weaker clarifying means (on 1–2 or 2–4 tones). If hair were not exposed to coloring, chemical wave or other cosmetic procedures earlier, then your hair will be clarified quickly enough. Choose such clarifiers as a part of which natural oils contain. After clarification surely use special balm that your hair have not turned into "straw".

Painting of hair

If you are going to be used resistant hair-dye, it is possible to pass to coloring in 1–2 days. If you have found in specialized shops coloring shampoos for hair of violet shade, then you can use them right after clarification. It is necessary to apply hair-dye as usual, since roots by means of brush. Depending on what painting means you have chosen, time on which it is necessary to leave dye on hair will change. For example, for obtaining saturated and bright violet color from coloring hair balm you will need to stand him on hair about 10-15 minutes. Resistant paint will involve from you big time expenditure – on average 25–40 minutes. After washing of violet hair-dye you will need to use balm as the painting means nevertheless contain the ammonia and other hazardous substances worsening condition of hair. If you have decided to change the image, having used violet hair-dye, then you will need to support constantly acquired shade. Also you need awaking to buy special shampoos and dyed hair balms.

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