How to change color of eyes

How to change color of eyes

If earlier color of eyes was considered as something invariable and this by nature, today you can at any time not only change color of eyes, but also make it absolutely fantasy and unnatural. It is possible to change color of eyes both for long time, and for some specific holiday, party or carnival. Easy and available way to change color of eyes is color contact lenses which good selection is provided in various shops of optics.


  1. The color lenses happen as adjusting and simple – the last option will suit people with good sight who just want to change color of eyes.
  2. Think what color you want to receive, and select lenses according to the wishes. Coloring of lenses can imitate color of the real iris of eye, and can be equal and uniform. In general lenses are subdivided into color and coloring.
  3. You can try on lens both flowers habitual to eye, and unusual – violet, lilac, bright blue, and even yellow and red. Also there are design lenses imitating cat's eye, rainbow, and fluorescing in the dark. If you have dark eyes, select color lenses and if eyes light – it is best of all to use coloring.
  4. Buy only high-quality contact lenses from the entrusted producers, and you carry them not longer than three months, removing at night.
  5. Original coloring of lenses can give you the unique line changing all your shape therefore you are the most suitable to the choice of coloring attentively study palettes of coloring of each producer of lenses.
  6. If you never carried lenses – visit the ophthalmologist that he has given you consultation on rules of selection and carrying contact lenses. Material of lens should not be felt in eye and cause discomfort.
  7. You will be able to get color lenses in any shop of optics in the city and further to change the shape when you want.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team