How to change color of eyes without lenses

How to change color of eyes without lenses

Many girls like to change the appearance, making small changes: to cut and paint hair, to buy clothes in new style and to select suitable make-up. But cardinally it is possible to replace image by means of new color of eyes. The simplest option for this purpose - contact lenses though there are also other ways.


  1. Color of eyes in many respects depends on environment, since your clothes, jewelry and finishing with room situation. So, for example, gray eyes will look blue if to put on clothes of blue colors. The green and lilac clothes will give to dim green eyes color of bright emerald. But such method it is possible to change only slightly shade, and to turn brown eyes into green will not leave.
  2. The intensity of lighting can change color of light eyes, changing their color scale from light gray to saturated sea. In many respects it depends on color of lighting, walls and the sizes of the room. So it is possible to use this method only in limited conditions or in suitable weather.
  3. Quite easy way to change shade of eyes - make-up. For this purpose it is necessary to use certain shadows and eyeliner to emphasize color. For example, if the girl has gray-blue eyes, it is necessary to do make-up in gray shades to make eyes is more blue. If there is desire to make them gray, it is necessary to use cosmetics of blue color. By means of brown or green planimetric pencil green eyes get more dark shade.
  4. Color of eyes changes by itself during growing of the person so it is possible just to wait. Kids are born with dark and saturated color of eyes, and the person becomes more senior, the shade becomes lighter. At elderly people of eye become absolutely light as if fading. If in youth there was dark brown color, in old age of eye become honey shade.
  5. Strong emotions change color of eyes, but hardly it can use on constant basis. However, it is worth remembering that any emotional shocks are reflected in shade, it is enough to feel fear, anger, love, pain, joy. React to each emotion of eye on miscellaneous - can brighten or darken.
  6. Some diseases are capable to cause change in color of eyes, though insignificant. The iris becomes slightly brighten or is more dark, blue eyes turn into gray or get green shade. Though practically do not render effect on brown eyes of disease - they remain in the color scale.
  7. There are inflammatory diseases which influence only one eye. It is possible to carry Fuchs and Posner-Shlossman's syndrome to such diseases. The iris gets greenish shade from the recovered people. Though it is improbable that the person will begin to look for purposefully these diseases to change color of eyes.
  8. At glaucoma for reduction of intraocular pressure register special eye drops. If to use their long time, color of eyes becomes more dark. Though if the person has brown eyes, the difference will be imperceptible. But it is not recommended to use such drops without medical prescription, and they will not begin to register them only for the sake of change of color of eyes. If to use them on healthy eyes, there can be side effects and the eyesight will begin to be damaged. Desire to make eyes does not cost such risk slightly more darkly.
  9. Sometimes strongly rather very to want to change color, and the organism obediently adapts to desires. Visualization - representation of with the necessary shade of eyes helps with it. For this purpose it is necessary to find the quiet place that nobody has disturbed you and to turn on the quiet music. If you understand that you will not be able to concentrate under music, then it is possible to visualize in complete silence. When everything is ready, it is necessary to take convenient position, to completely relax and close eyes. Provide the person in details, only replace the true color of eyes with desirable. Attentively consider yourself, enjoy look and send to the Universe request that it has sent you the desirable. For efficiency of method it is possible to change in photoshop color of eyes on the photo and to unpack that it was simpler to visualize. In some options of visualization recommend to close eyes and instead of darkness before eyes to provide natural color of your eyes, and then to gradually change it to the desirable.
  10. One more cheap and safe method - auto-suggestion. It is very similar to previous, but in this option it is necessary to address not the Universe, and the organism. For this purpose it is necessary to repeat constantly certain phrases which give installation to eyes to change color. They can sound on miscellaneous: I have eyes (to insert necessary) colors, my eyes (such color). Similar phrases need to be pronounced aloud in the morning and in the evening before going to bed when the subconsciousness is most active.
  11. To cardinally change color of eyes by such methods it will not turn out therefore it is sometimes much more effective to address medicine. For these purposes it is possible to use laser correction which deletes excess pigments in iris of the eye and is capable to turn brown eyes into blue. Though this way has essential shortcomings: the high price is about 5000 dollars and irreversibility. The technique is quite new so there is not enough information on long-term consequences.
  12. Besides laser correction it is possible to use other medical service. Doctor Kan has developed the procedure of operational intervention during which in iris of the eye of eyes the special implant of right color is implanted. The great advantage of such operation - through time can be removed it to return to initial color or to try something new. However, after such operation there can be undesirable consequences among which there are glaucoma, cataract, blindness and peeling of cornea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team