How to change complexion

How to change complexion

Any person wants changes in the appearance sooner or later. Especially women are subject to this desire. If there is no opportunity to change considerably – it is possible to change in itself something locally. For example, complexion. Snow-white, how at Marilyn Monroe, face or swarty femininity of Jennifer Lopez? Choose.

It is required to you

  • - tea;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - vodka;
  • - nutritious cream;
  • - means autosuntan;
  • - ready cosmetics for bleaching.


  1. National sredstvayezhednevny wiping of the person the cotton tampon moistened in strong tea gradually will give to face skin subtle golden shade. And here cucumber juice will help to bleach face. Take 1 cucumber, rub on small grater and mix with any nutritious cream. At you excellent bleaching mask has turned out. It is possible to mix also fresh cucumber juice with vodka (in proportion 1:1), to allow to infuse within 24 hours, and then to use as the bleaching lotion.
  2. The salon kosmetologatsvt faces it is also possible to change by means of usual suntan – in sunbed or on the beach. The main thing to belong to reception of solar bathtubs without fanaticism. In beauty shop it is also possible to bleach face skin. The procedure takes place in several stages: grinding of skin with removal of the keratosic upper layer, drawing the bleaching (depigmenting) means and so on.
  3. Cosmetic it is possible to sredstvaosvetlit the person by means of ready cosmetics. The creams, masks and srubs intended especially for bleaching occur among them. All these means can be found in any good shop of cosmetics. Study structure of the bleaching means before purchase. They have to contain one of components: hydrochinone, zinc, arbutin, kojic acid, hydrogen peroxide, aloezin, licorice extract, extract of paper mulberry. Achievements cosmetic the industries will help to make face more swarty also. Today in the market there is huge amount of autobronzers. All of them contain the substance DHA which, interacting with skin components, paints its upper layers in dark color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team