How to change hair color as appearance?

How to change hair color as appearance?

Most of women at various age has desire to change image. At many change of image means change of hair color. However, when the moment of the choice of color approaches, women stop before question – what color to choose? Unfortunately, the choice of shade, improper as appearance, is capable to change image for the worse.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences of coloring of hair, experts suggest to pick up optimum color and shade of hair depending on appearance type. It is known that all people are divided into owners of "warm" and "cold" types of appearance.

People with "warm" appearance, as a rule, have brown or green eyes and smuglovaty skin with golden or peach shade. Brown scale of natural hair – all range from chestnut-colored till chestnut color prevails. Perfectly will suit such "warm" women as alternative hair color chestnut, golden or red shades. And here it is better to avoid ashy and light brown colors – they will mature considerably or even to age.

The "warm" appearance can be divided into two types: autumn and spring. Owners of autumn type have peach shade skin. The flowers of hair suitable for them are wheat-golden and saturated honey tone. And the spring type is characterized by brown or green eyes and rather light, almost white skin. On such people will well look red or nutbrown hair.

As for "cold" type of appearance, its characteristic features are light blue, blue, gray or black eyes and pinkish or very light skin. Such people will be suited perfectly black, fair-haired and ashy hair color while red shades are inappropriate.

As well as the "warm", "cold" appearance is divided into two types: winter and summer. Owners of the last usually have pinkish skin and light eyes. They will be is ideal by ashy hair color. And here with light or dark eyes and white skin it is better for winter type to stop on dark or platinum shades.

For those who wish to stand out from the crowd by means of exotic hair color, for example, red carrot or aubergine, it is important to mean that such shades of hair are capable to add some more years by the image. And here ashy color demands from the owner of just ideal skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team