How to change hair color to look fresh

How to change hair color to look fresh

In arsenal of hairdressers is available several ways helping to recover dim hair color: highlighting, kolorirovaniye, brondirovaniye. Some of them assume cardinal changes, and some only give to image freshness and novelty.


Highlighting does not assume cardinal change of hair color, but forces natural shade to look volume and intensive. And it just what is necessary! Zone classical highlighting of hair creates effect of soft and gradual modulation of flowers. Advantage of such highlighting is that only upper locks of hair are exposed to clarification. The rest is adjusted on color to highlighting by means of light coloring dye. Or the hairdresser at the request of the client leaves natural hair color. Thus hair remain healthy and strong, they are practically not injured. The most sparing type of highlighting - Californian. It is carried out by means of the paints which are not containing ammonia. Color effect of the Californian highlighting - the locks which have naturally burned out in the sun. It is necessary to notice that this type of coloring perfectly masks gray hair. One more type of highlighting - ashy. It also suits fair and fair hair. The ashy shade does image glamourous, however can add several years to their owner. Ashy locks in combination with black look especially smartly. However ashy color - whimsical and changeable. It is capable to recover one hairstyle, and to spoil another.

Zone brondirovaniye of hair

Multi-color highlighting or brondirovaniye of hair is the real last word in fashion. By means of it it is possible to make mouse gray bright and memorable. Besides this type of highlighting is sparing. Technology of multi-color highlighting assumes coloring of hair in several flowers at once: nut, honey, coffee, light brown. Quite often there are also wheaten shades. Often only specific zones or locks are exposed to clarification. Brondirovaniye the hair with effect of Ombre Hair Color assumes coloring of radical zone of hair in dark shade. Further from cheekbones and ears the coloring on the BROND equipment is carried out. Classical two-tone coloring assumes both accurate, and indistinct border across. Such equipment does not demand frequent repeated coloring that considerably protects hair. The return to ombra with fair hair at roots and dark on tips looks not less effectively and is the most popular in Europe. Star stars of Hollywood also choose coloring to ombra: it not just refreshes image, but also involves cardinal changes.

The glaring highlighting and highlighting of Balayazh

By means of data the technician it is possible to refresh favourably chestnut-colored, nutbrown, dark brown hair. Result of the glaring highlighting: gentle modulations of several relatives on tone of shades. At bright lighting the patches of light in hair play shades, are poured, give to hair splendor, volume, the movement. For the glaring highlighting both cold, and warm shades of beige, coffee, caramel color are used. Балаяж is coloring only of tips of hair. Treats the sparing type of highlighting. Upper part of hair remains natural color or is in rare instances painted in dark color. Балаяж it is applied to underlining of silhouette of hairstyle. For example, graduation, short flight of stairs, cascade.

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