How to change hairstyle

How to change hairstyle

Sometimes, when your appearance absolutely ceases suit you, it is only enough to replace hairstyle to see itself in mirror the new person. Having changed style of hairstyle, the woman is capable to change cardinally own appearance, to add missing element of image, to replace perception of own personality among friends, colleagues and in general among surrounding people. How quickly and easily to change hairstyle, we will tell you in this article.


  1. If you have short and straight hair, you can make original laying in two-three minutes, using hairbrush and artificial bright lock with clip. Wash up hair and dry up their phenom, having carefully combed.
  2. On the top allocate small tail from hair and fix on it ready contrast lock. Straighten it and comb hair.
  3. One more hairstyle on short and straight hair can be made, using color gel for laying and temporary coloring and also hairbrush for laying.
  4. Having dried up hair, lay them then apply color gel on hairbrush for laying and comb the necessary locks, having given them new shade. Also gel will help to record separate locks in original situation.
  5. Classical hairstyle which long since gives to female shape elegance and severity is the bunch from long hair. Having twirled nape hair or on the top in intricate node, you, undoubtedly, will draw attention of people around.
  6. Also you can play on appeal of asymmetry – asymmetric hairstyles are considered as extremely fashionable today. Comb all hair on one party and record them varnish. As opposed to asymmetric hairstyle you can make hairstyle with rigid geometrical edges – caret or bean.
  7. Especially interestingly such hairstyles look on smooth hair – the smoothness never gets out of fashion, and you can try to straighten hair the iron, or on the contrary to twist them on hair curlers. All this will help to change image and to see itself in the New World.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team